Cardiovascular Cluster (CVC)

Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death world-wide. It is also the leading cause of hospital admissions and of physical disability and a major cost burden in health care. Cardiovascular disorders have multifactorial etiologies and affect almost all organ systems. Diagnosis, treatment and research endeavors focusing on these disorders therefore require close collaboration across medical specialties. The Cardiovascular Cluster is a multidisciplinary research structure which aims to facilitate synergies between basic and clinical investigators that span the spectrum of cardiovascular research.



Part of the CVC- Annual Meeting was the election of the Steering Committee

All regular members were invited to vote. Irene Lang, Cihan Ay and Bernd Jilma were elected for the clinical field and Christoph Binder, Christine Brostjan and Bruno Podesser for the preclinical field. Irene Lang and Christoph Binder were appointed as speakers for the respective field.


We are proud to announce this year's publication award winner:

Lenz Max

(category translational)

Div. of Cardiology/ LBI

Pharmacologic modulation of intracellular Na+ concentration with ranolazine impacts inflammatory response in humans and mice

Nopp Stephan

(category clinical)

Clin. Div. of Haematology and Haemostaseology

Bleeding Risk Assessment in End-Stage Kidney Disease: Validation of Existing Risk Scores and Evaluation of a Machine Learning-Based Approach

Kiss Attila

(category basic)


Sympathetic nerve innervation and metabolism in ischemic myocardium in response to remote ischemic preconditioning


Best Poster Award

Thomas Koller (Dept. of Laboratory Medicine)

The protective potential of natural antibodies recognizing oxidation specific epitopes in atherothrombosis


Best Talk Award

Eleonora Nardini (Inst. of Medical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry)

The impact of endothelial senescence on atherosclerosis in progeria



Invitation CVC-Annual Meeting (2022-11-30) - Van Swieten Hall

it is a great pleasure to invite you to this year’s Annual Meeting of the Cardiovascular Cluster (CVC), which will be held on November 30 in the Van Swieten Hall of the Medical University of Vienna. We have invited excellent external speakers (Stefanie Dimmeler, Florian Kronenberg, Ziad Mallat, Andreas Zirlik), who will cover areas of both basic cardiovascular biology and clinical research. 

In addition, the recipients of the collaborative cluster grants 2022 will present their plans and work.

Registration is possible by email to until 14th of November.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at this get-together to further strengthen the cardiovascular community at our University.

We are grateful to our sponsors for their support!





CVC-Retreat (2021-13-12)

The meeting was held as a hybrid meeting, which could combine in-person attendance with an online counterpart. As excellent external speakers Christian Weber (Ludwig-Maximilian-University, DE), Manuel Mayr (King's College London, UK), Mandy MacLean (University of Strathclyde, UK), who covered the areas of basic cardiovascular biology as well as biomarker and clinical research, were invited. In addition, the recipients of last year’s CVC grants gave an update on their research results. The best three papers in the categories of clinical, surgical as well as pre-clinical research published by CVC members in the year 2020/2021 were awarded.



New publication in Nature (2021-08-25)!

In collaboration with the universities Lousanne and Cambridge Christoph Binder's group from the Department of Laboratory Medicine could show that a proliferation-inducing ligand, termed APRIL, limits atherosclerosis by binding to heparan sulfate proteoglycans.

"APRIL limits atherosclerosis by binding to heparan sulfate proteoglycans.” Dimitrios Tsiantoulas, Mahya Eslami, Georg Obermayer, Marc Clement, Diede Smeets, Florian J. Mayer, Máté G. Kiss, Lennart Enders, Juliane Weißer, Laura Göderle, Jordi Lambert, Florian Frommlet, André Mueller, Tim Hendrikx, Maria Ozsvar-Kozma, Florentina Porsch, Laure Willen, Taras Afonyushkin, Jane E. Murphy, Per Fogelstrand, Olivier Donzé, Gerard Pasterkamp, Matthias Hoke, Stefan Kubicek, Helle F. Jörgensen, Nicolas Danchin, Tabassome, Simon, Hubert Scharnagl, Winfried März, Jan Borén, Henry Hess, Ziad Mallat, Pascal Schneider, Christoph J. Binder. DOI:



CVC- Translational Synergy Grant 2020

The Cluster for Cardiovascular Medicine (CVC) at the Medical University of Vienna announced the Translational Synergy Grants 2020, which mission was to enhance scientific collaboration among early career scientists with a prize money of 10,000 EUR each. Applications had to contain a topic that is shared by one clinical and one basic science group within the CVC.

All 5 awards were given to applicants having the top-rated abstracts. The grant recipients were announced at the grant ceremony online on Dec 14:

- Raimund Bauer (Institute of Medical Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry) - Thomas Hofbauer (Div. of Cardiology)

"The role of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in cardiac regeneration after acute myocardial infarction"


- Lena Hell (Clin. Div. of Haematology and Haemostaseology) - Waltraud Schrottmaier (Dept. of Vascular Biology and Thrombosis Research)

"PDIs and their role in lupus anticoagulant-associated thrombosis"


- Suriya Prausmüller (Div. of Cardiology) - Julia Riebandt (Div. of Cardiothoracic Surgery) 

"Neprilysin regulation in patients with advanced heart failure"


- Ulrike Resch (Dept. of Vascular Biology and Thrombosis Research) - Lore Schrutka (Div. of Cardiology)

"Evaluation of oxidative stress biomarkers in subjects with elevated Lp(a)"


- Dimitris Tsiantoulas (Department of Laboratory Medicine) - Xiang Li (Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy)

"The impact of an SSTR2-based theranostic strategy for myocardial infarction-accelerated atherosclerosis"



1.General Meeting on October 28, 2020

-> Part of the meeting was the election of the Steering Committee, as well as one associate member for the position of a non-voting member in the SC one

All regular members were invited to vote. The SC consists of 6 elected members, of which Irene Lang, Cihan Ay and Bernd Jilma were elected for the clinical field and Christoph Binder, Johannes Schmid and Johann Wojta for the preclinical field. Irene Lang and Christoph Binder, who received the highest votes, were appointed as speakers for the respective field.

As a representative of the associate members Thomas Hofbauer was elected!


Researcher of the month (April 2020): Henrike Arfsten


Researcher of the month (March 2020): Selma Osmanagic-Myers


Guest Lecture: Dr. Gemma Vilahur

“From lipids to thrombosis: translational research targeting HDL and platelet function”
She is a Senior I3P Researcher at the ICCC- IR-Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau in Barcelona, where she coordinates the Translational Research Department. Her research activities have been focused on cardiovascular research, especially devoting to unraveling the basic mechanisms of vascular and heart disease pathology and evaluating and discovering new potential therapeutic approaches.
December 13

3pm, Course room 12 (auditorium center, General Hospital Vienna)




November 7 and 8, 2019

Laa an der Thaya


Retreat „Cardiovascular Medicine meets Vascular Biology”

May 25, 2019 | 8:00-17:00 Lecture Hall A; General Hospital Vienna (Kliniken am Südgarten)

Key note lecture was held by Prof. Thomas Lüscher (Imperial College, UK & Center for Molecular Cardiology at the University Zurich, CH) on "How to develop into a leader in Cardiology"