Research Cluster Immunology/Allergology/Infection & Inflammation - Welcome to the homepage of the Immunology Research Cluster (IRC)

The Research Cluster Immunology/Allergology/Infection & Inflammation (or in short: Immunology Research Cluster, IRC) is a network of more than 80 basic and clinical research groups at the Medical University of Vienna. The overall aim of IRC is to strengthen the research environment and support in the fields of immunology, allergy, infection & inflammation and to foster translational approaches for the benefit of patients. In addition, IRC members are dedicated at providing excellent research and training opportunities for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows.
This homepage serves also as an entry point "into the world" of immunology, allergy, infection & inflammation research at the Medical University of Vienna. We are presenting IRC scientists, highlighting recent publications, listing news & events and describing newly funded research projects.





"Targeting mutant KRAS driven lung tumors: MAPK pathway and cell cyclw"


"Empty MHC class I molecules: trafficking, surface interactions, and tumor immunotherapy"


"How new technologies may drive changes in multicolor flow cytometry"


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(Vienna, 06 June 2019) In a large-scale, international study led by renowned rheumatologist Josef...


This annual symposium organized by the Young Scientist Association is a major scientific event at...


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