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The Medical Neuroscience Cluster bundles the clinically relevant research activities in all areas of neuroscience and psychosocial sciences at the Medical University of Vienna. The research groups forming the cluster cover a broad spectrum of disciplines including anatomy, physiology, immunology, cell biology, pathology and pharmacology of the nervous system, neuroimaging, molecular genetics as well as clinical neurology, pediatric neurology, neuroradiology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, child- and adolescent psychiatry.

The overall aim of all members in the MNC is to provide a better understanding of disease mechanisms in the nervous system and the psyche, to improve prevention, diagnosis and therapy and to communicate this knowledge to patients and the public.

Another important goal of the MNC is also to provide a high-level, systematic training for doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and clinical scientists in basic neuroscience as well as in neurological, psychiatric and psychosocial research.



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Ellen Gelpi-Mantius from MedUni Vienna's Division of Neuropathology and Neurochemistry (Department of Neurology) has been awarded the Otto Kraupp Prize for the best doctoral thesis accepted by an Austrian medical university in the previous year. She..


Romana Höftberger, Head of the Division of Neuropathology and Neurochemistry at MedUni Vienna's Department of Neurology, took over the Chair in the department of Neuropathology at the Medical University of Vienna on 01 November 2020.


Numerous scientific studies indicate that inflammatory processes play a key role in the development of psychiatric disorders. One of the areas of particular interest is the interleukin 6/STAT3 signal transduction pathway, which is associated with..


A common consequence of chronically high alcohol consumption is a decline in cognitive function, which can even progress to full-blown dementia. However, we do not yet fully understand how alcohol damages the brain. A research group led by Stephan..


With its new "1000 Ideas" programme, the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) is funding research projects that take innovative scientific approaches. Adelheid Wöhrer from MedUni Vienna's Division of Neuropathology and Neurochemistry, neuroscientist Vanja..


People in Austria sleep for an average of between seven and eight hours a night. However, nearly one third of people have difficulty falling asleep or sleeping through the night and this can happen as often as several times a week. This was the..


Optimists live longer than pessimists and have a lower risk of chronic disease – this has been scientifically validated on multiple occasions. A reason for optimists having longer and healthier lives could be that they sleep better: this is the..


Thomas Berger, Head of MedUni Vienna's Department of Neurology, is taking over leading roles in two neurology associations. He has been elected President of the Austrian Society of Neurology (ÖGN) for the next two years. He has also been appointed..


A study team led by MedUni Vienna’s Center for Brain Research has charted how cell types that form neuroendocrine command centers to control virtually all aspects of bodily metabolism evolve during brain development. The study, which employed the..


Julian Maier from MedUni Vienna's Institute of Pharmacology has been awarded the Theodor Körner funding prize in the category "Medicine, Natural Sciences and Technology". This prize, for the promotion of scientists, will finance an..

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