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The Medical Neuroscience Cluster bundles the clinically relevant research activities in all areas of neuroscience and psychosocial sciences at the Medical University of Vienna. The research groups forming the cluster cover a broad spectrum of disciplines including anatomy, physiology, immunology, cell biology, pathology and pharmacology of the nervous system, neuroimaging, molecular genetics as well as clinical neurology, pediatric neurology, neuroradiology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, child- and adolescent psychiatry.

The overall aim of all members in the MNC is to provide a better understanding of disease mechanisms in the nervous system and the psyche, to improve prevention, diagnosis and therapy and to communicate this knowledge to patients and the public.

Another important goal of the MNC is also to provide a high-level, systematic training for doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows and clinical scientists in basic neuroscience as well as in neurological, psychiatric and psychosocial research.



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Till Voigtländer, neuroscientist at MedUni Vienna's Institute of Neurology, was presented with the European Rare Disease Leadership Award at the EURORDIS Black Pearl Awards for his services in the field of rare diseases.


Working with international partners, a MedUni Vienna research group has shown that imaging techniques carried out prior to treatment indicate the potential success of drug therapy in depressive patients. They showed that the activity of a region of..


The search for specific therapies for multiple sclerosis has prompted an international research group to investigate how immune cells can cross the blood-brain barrier and trigger inflammatory processes in nerve tissue. The results obtained by the..


Full risk or preferably the safe option? Based on the neuronal activity in the prefrontal cortex of the brain, it is possible to predict what action will be chosen next: If the activity of specific neurons remains low, a risk will be taken again at..


Mira Kronschläger from the Division of Neurophysiology at MedUni Vienna's Center for Brain Research was presented with the "Award of Excellence 2018" from the Ministry of Science for her dissertation.


Meningiomas, a type of brain tumour, are usually easy to treat. However, there are a few subtypes that follow a very aggressive course and have high recurrence rates, i.e. there is a high risk of them coming back after treatment. These subtypes need..


During the course of a medical dissertation being prepared at MedUni Vienna, the relationship was investigated between olfactory dysfunction and the development of Alzheimer's disease. Olfactory performance proved to be a better predictor of..


Children with brain injuries are able to reorganize their language relevant areas into other, healthy brain areas and thus maintain their ability to speak. However, this is only possible to a certain extent, they still often have poorer language..


The adult lung consists of different, highly specialized cell types that are protected by a variety of immune cells. How these immune cells migrate to the lungs during development and after birth, and how these cells influence each other, is poorly..

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